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Nick Hess

Owner and CEO

I've been using a wheelchair for my daily mobility since I was 4 years old.  After being involved in an auto/pedestrian accident I became a T6 paraplegic.  Growing up using a wheelchair in the 70s and 80s was an adventure that required creative thinking and the ability to adapt.  At a young age I got involved in adaptive sports and carved out a place for myself in the community.  Associating with other athletes with disabilities exposed me to a network of people all who, like me, were reliant on mobility products for their everyday mobility.


Through my own experience and use of wheelchairs, I gained an appreciation  for quality devices that allow me to live and be at my best.  I wanted to help others in procuring equipment that is ideally suited to them and their needs.  I have been involved in the medical equipment industry for most of my adult life. Having been on the client end of  ordering a mobility product, I recognize the frustrations that can arise throughout the process.  Mindful Mobility is committed to implementing best practice and procedure for making the process as smooth and timely as possible. 


Mindful Mobility has been a goal of mine for many years.  I wanted to create a business model that is about more than just selling chairs to people.   Fitting individuals for a quality chair requires a mindful approach.  Consideration of current needs, lifestyle, and goals of the client are part of the process.  Connecting people to community resources that are applicable to the client's interests is another way we want to serve and promote independence and community inclusion for people with disabilities.  


I was born with a very rare genetic disorder that cause the joints throughout by body to contract, as well as scoliosis in my spine. When I was a teenager I also developed respiratory complications that require the use of a ventilator to support my lungs and respiratory system.  I have been using a power wheelchair for 19 years and using a wheelchair has allowed me so much more mobility and independence then I had before.

I graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors degree in Social Work.  After graduating I started working at the Center for Independent Living in Ogden where my love for helping people connect to assistive technology and advocacy grew.  I'm currently working at Utah State University- Center for People with Disabilities on a 5 year systems change project that works to improve employment outcomes for people with developmental disabilities. 


 kelie Hess

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