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Medicare Plans

As a Medicare patient resource center, we’ve made it our mission to help people with disabilities to get the most out of Medicare. For those under 65 with disabilities, we have published a comprehensive guide to understanding eligibility, coverage, and, most importantly, how to navigate the enrollment process.

Medicare resources

Paying for Senior Care

The mission at is to help the elderly and their families fully understand the cost of long-term care and the programs that can provide financial support. Find an online database of tools, references, and articles that cover topics like available care options and resources for senior residents of Utah.


Retireguide is an organization dedicated to providing accurate information to help seniors make financial and health decisions. Retireguide's main goal is to arm our readers with knowledge through easy-to-understand guides that will help them reach an understanding about their retirement plans.

Guide for Adjustable Beds

A medically reviewed guide that features key benefits of adjustable beds, all types that are available, and more importantly how medicare can cover the costs.

Senior living

Assistive technology

Assistive technology can be anything from a simple (low-tech) device such as a magnifying glass, to a complex (high-tech) device, such as a computerized communication system. It can be big — an automated van lift for a wheelchair — or small — a grip attached to a pen or fork by Velcro. Assistive technology can also be a substitute — such as an augmentative communication device that provides vocal output for a child who cannot communicate with her voice.

Utah Assistive Technology Teams

The fundamental goal of UATT is to provide assistance for improving the lives of children and adults living with disabilities. We do this by introducing them to the many ways computer technology can enhance their jobs, careers, and education. We offer the following services:

1) Free consultations

2) Workshops.

3) Information

4) Augmentative Communication.

Utah Assistive Technology Program

Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities Assistive Technology Program

Independent Living Centers

Each of the six Independent Living Centers in Utah offer Assistive Technology Services, including support and assistance in applying for grants, loans and other funding resources for acquiring assistive technology devices.   Most Centers have a loan bank of donated equipment and assistive technology devices and products.  Items from the loan bank are loaned out for temporary use at no cost.  To see a list of and contact information for the six Independent Living Centers in Utah, click here



Guide for assisting seniors in choosing the most appropriate scooter to meet their mobility needs.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is part of the Department of Workforce Services, a state agency that helps eligible individuals with disabilities, to prepare for, obtain or maintain employment and achieve independence.  They have a menu of services designed to help individuals obtain and maintain employment in the community.

Vocational Rehabilitation Service:

  • Diagnostic and Evaluation

  • Restoration

  • Assistive Technology

  • Counseling and Guidance

  • Training

  • Job Placement

  • Additional Services

Application Process

1. Contact your local VR office:
Find a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) office nearest you using the online Office Map found on their website or call 1-866-454-8397 (toll free).

2. Attend a welcome session and/or obtain an application.
Contact a VR office to attend a welcome session in person or you can view an online Welcome Session and download an USOR Application or a Large-Print Application. Find out if you're eligible by completing the application and scheduling a meeting with a VR counselor.


Utah Department of Workforce Services

Department of Workforce Services is a state agency that assists people in finding opportunities for a better life through employment.  They offer a wide range of services and trainings.

Ogden Office

Address: 480 27th St, Ogden, UT 84401

Phone: (801) 526-0950

Layton Office

Address: 1290 E 1450 S, Clearfield, UT 84015

Phone: (866) 435-7414

Resume Builder

Access a comprehensive step-by-step guide that can help people with disabilities create an impactful resume that can highlight their skills and value to potential employers. This guide includes important insight such as laws that protect their rights, workplace discrimination, and harassment to ensure they receive a fair chance at achieving their career goal.


Employment Services

Assistive technology can be anything from a simple (low-tech) device such as a magnifying glass, to a complex (high-tech) device, such as a computerized communication system. It can be big — an automated van lift for a wheelchair — or small — a grip attached to a pen or fork by Velcro. Assistive technology can also be a substitute — such as an augmentative communication device that provides vocal output for a child who cannot communicate with her voice.

Utah Assistive Technology Teams

Utah Assistive Technology Program

Social Security Benefits

Applying for and navigating through Social Security benefits can be overwhelming.  Listed here are a some helpful steps to get you started as well as links to other sites for additional resources and information. 

Step 1: Understanding SSI

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program for children and adults who have disabilities. If you meet the medical and financial criteria for the SSI program, you may qualify for SSI benefits which include a monthly SSI payment and medical insurance through the Social Security program. The exact amount of money that you will receive each month through the SSI program depends on your household income and assets.

Not all income is counted toward the SSI limit in the deeming process. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs, general public assistance payments, foster care payments for ineligible children, and income used to make court-ordered support payments are not used during the deeming process.

In addition, not all household resources are used during the deeming process. Your family’s home, one vehicle that is used for transportation, and money allocated to pension funds are not counted toward household assets.

For the income that is counted during the deeming process, the SSA only counts a portion of the income as being deemed toward the child. As a result, not all income that is counted for the parents will actually go toward the SSI eligibility limits.

For more information on qualifying for SSI benefits click here.

Step 2: Understanding if You Medically Qualify for SSI

In addition to meeting financial requirements in order to be eligible for SSI benefits, you must also meet the medical eligibility criteria of the SSI program. According to the Social Security Administration, a person is only determined to be disabled if:

  • The person has a physical or mental condition that very seriously limits his or her activities; and

  • The condition has lasted or is expected to last at least 1 year or result in death.

In addition, the SSA publishes a list of disabling conditions that could qualify a person for Social Security Disability benefits. This publication is known as the Blue Book ( In addition to listing all of the conditions that could qualify an individual for Social Security Disability benefits, the publication also lists all of the criteria that must be met in order to qualify under each individual listing. Prior to applying for benefits, you should research the Blue Book listing that you will qualify under. This will help you understand how the SSA will determine whether or not you are eligible for benefits and what medical evidence you should furnish along with your application for benefits.


Step 3: Preparing for the Application Process


If you want to increase your chances of being approved for SSI benefits, you need to properly prepare for the application process. Prior to applying for benefits, you need to gather copies of your medical records. Clinical histories, treatment histories, and lab results should all be provided to the SSA when applying for benefits so you should ensure that you have copies of these records ready prior to submitting your application. You should also try to obtain written statements from your treating physicians. In addition to medical records, you should also gather financial records such as bank statements and paycheck stubs to prove your financial eligibility for SSI benefits. Once you have all of the medical and financial records gathered and organized and you understand the Blue Book listing of the condition that you qualify under, you can move forward and apply for benefits.

Step 4: Applying for SSI Benefits

You can now file for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) online but only if you meet certain requirements. You are eligible to file online for SSI if you:

  • Are between the ages of 18 and 65;

  • Have never been married;

  • Aren’t blind;

  • Are a U.S. citizen residing in one of the fifty states, District of Columbia, or the Northern Mariana Islands;

  • Haven’t applied for or received SSI benefits in the past; and

  • Are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance at the same time as your SSI claim. Find out if you are eligible to receive Social Security Disability Benefits.

When applying for benefits, you will be asked to fill out a number of forms. It is imperative that you fill out these forms in their entirety and with as much detail as possible. Simple yes or no answers will not suffice on the SSI application. You want the answers you provide to show just how your disability limits your daily activities and development so the adjudicator reviewing the claim will better understand how you qualify for benefits.

  • Once you finish the online process, a Social Security representative will contact you for any additional information needed for the applications.

  • You can also schedule an appointment with a local Social Security office to file an application. Call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) from  7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday or contact your local Social Security office.

  • Learn more and start the disability process at our Disability Benefits page.


Step 5: Receiving a Decision

You should receive a decision from the SSA within two to four months of submitting your child’s completed SSI application. If approved, you will receive a notice stating how much your child will be receiving monthly and when benefits will begin. If your initial application is denied, you have 60 days from the date you receive the denial notice to appeal the SSA’s decision.

When appealing a denial of SSI benefits, you may want to consider retaining the services of a disability attorney or seeking the assistance of an Independent Living Counselor at your local Independent Living Center.

Salt Lake County Adaptive Recreation

  • Sports

  • Aquatics

  • Camps

  • Social Events

  • Disability Fitness Pass

National Ability Center

The National Ability Center, provides world-class adaptive recreation and Splore outdoor adventures for individuals and families of differing abilities, physical, cognitive and developmental, including competitive athletes, youth, veterans and more.

Common Ground

Common  Ground provides adaptive equipment and support which enables individuals with disabilities to participate in recreation and outdoor adventures. By crossing perceived limitations individuals gain self-confidence, which carries over into the quest for meaningful employment, the pursuit of relationships, and active participation in community life. All outdoor activities include discussions, activities or presentations that foster appreciation and respect of the natural environment. 

Independent Living Centers

Each of the six Centers for Independent provide activities and community based recreation.  To find event calendars and schedule of activities, visit the Center for Independent Living in.

Hardware Ranch

15 miles east of Hyrum, Utah in Blacksmith Fork Canyon
Phone: 435-753-6168

Utah Wheelin Wildcats  

Wheelchair Basketball Team

Contact Roads To Independence 3355 Washington Blvd. 801 612-3215

Utah Wheeling Jazz

Salt Lake City area Wheelchair Basketball Team

Phone(801) 842-1213

Wasatch Adaptive Sports  

9385 S, Snowbird Center Dr, Snowbird, UT 84092

801 834-0476

USTA – Wheelchair Tennis

2469 E Fort Union Blvd Ste 104 Salt Lake City, UT  

(801) 944-8782



Special Olympics Utah

1400 S Foothill Dr. #238 Salt Lake City UT. 84108 

801 363-1111




Paratransit Services

UTA's Paratransit Service ADA program is a service of the Utah Transit Authority, for people with physical, cognitive or visual disabilities who are functionally unable to independently use the UTA fixed route bus service either all of the time, temporarily or only under certain circumstances.

Paratransit Contact Information

  • UTA Flextrans Paratransit Service in Salt Lake and Davis Counties (801) 287-7433

  • UTA Paratransit Service for all other counties: 1-877-882-7272

  • T.D.D. Relay 711 (see note below)

  • UTA Mobility Center: (801) 287-2263

UTA on Demand by Via

UTA is partnering with Via, a leader in on demand shared rides, to launch a new microtransit pilot service in southern Salt Lake County. Microtransit is an innovative form of on demand transportation that connects riders with other transit services as well as to other local destinations in the community. Via’s technology matches multiple riders headed in a similar direction into a single vehicle, with routing that allows for quick and efficient shared trips without lengthy detours or relying on fixed route schedules.

This on demand service is wheelchair accessible.

If you require wheelchair service, follow these steps:

  • Go to your app menu.

  • Tap on your name to go to your Account Details.

  • Toggle on ‘Wheelchair accessibility.’ That way, Via will book you in a wheelchair accessible vehicle moving forward. You only need to do this once. 

If you’d prefer to request your rides over the phone, you can call us at (385) 217-8191 and let us know that you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle for all future ride bookings

UTA Reduced Fare Card

Utah Transportation Authority offers reduced fare on fixed route services for qualified people with disabilities and seniors, 65 year and older.  After verification, a picture id card will be issued to the qualified applicant. 


For additional information please contact UTA at 801-743-3882 or at the UTA website 

Vehicle Modification Resources

ParaQuad Automobility

 2572 S. West Temple South Salt Lake, UT 84115


ParaQuad is a specialized vehicle mobility company that offers new and used wheelchair accessible vans, vehicle platform lifts, hand controls and stowage lifts. 


United Access Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and Equipment

9082 300 W Sandy, Utah 84070

(801) 849-0369
(877) 577-8540

United Access offers new and used wheelchair vans for sale, wheelchair lifts and handicap van conversions from BraunAbility, VMI and El Dorado. Mobility scooter lifts from Bruno, Harmar and Adapt Solutions are also available.  In addition to mobility lifts and wheelchair accessible vans, United Access offers a full range of handicap driving aids including hand controls and transfer seating. 


Mobility Solutions


Mobility Solutions Inc. in Utah, Salt Lake City, offers a full line of mobility equipment and modifications from the nation’s top manufacturers, including Vantage Mobility International, Bruno, Ricon, Harmar, Pride, MPS, EZ-Lock, Qstraint, Drive Master, CCI, Acorn, Brooks and much more.

You can customize your wheelchair lift for all mobility vans on the market, including hand controls for cars, trucks, vans, etc.


 Mt. Ogden Health & Rehabilitation Center

Ogden, UT   

Open 24 hours · (801) 479-5700

Stonehenge of Ogden

Washington Terrace, UT  

Open now · (801) 475-0500


Pine View Transitional Rehab

1497 E, Skyline Dr   

Ogden UT 84405  (801) 689-1600

St Joseph Villa

4.0  (74) · Rehabilitation center

Salt Lake City, UT  (801) 487-7557

Stewart Rehab Center

Physical therapy clinic in Ogden, Utah

McKay-Dee Medical Building

3903 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403 

Phone(801) 387-2080

U of U Health Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital

Salt Lake City, UT · In the University of Utah (801) 587-3422

Rehabilitation centers

Disability Services and Support provider agencies

North Eastern Services Ogden

Ogden, UT  (385) 238-4734

Intersect Services

Clearfield, UT · (801) 217-3273



Providence, UT · In Cobble Stone Commercial  

(435) 753-6606

Turn Community Services

Salt Lake City, UT

(801) 486-3778

RISE Services, Inc.

Draper, UT

Open ⋅ Closes 5PM · (801) 208-1031

Roads to Independence  

3355 Washington Blvd. Ogden, UT 84401

(801) 612-3215

Utah Independent Living Center

3445 South Main Street Salt Lake City, UT 84115

801 466-5565

Options For Independence 

106 East 1120 North Logan, UT 84341

801 753-5353 

Options For Independence Brigham City

1080 North Main Suite 105A Brigham City, UT

 (435) 723-2171 84302


Ability First

491 North Freedom Blvd. Provo, UT 84601

801 373-5044  

Active Re-Entry Price - 10 South Fairgrounds Road – 435 637-4950 Price, UT 84501
Email: Terri Yelonek

Active Re-Entry Moab - 182 North 500 West 435 259-0245 Moab, UT 84532
Email: Terri Yelonek

Active Re-Entry Vernal - 330 Aggie Blvd. 435 789-4020 Vernal, UT 84078  Terri Yelonek


RRCI – St. George Utah - 168 North 100 E Suite 101 St. George, UT 84770 Local: (435) 673-7501 (800)649-2340
Fax: (435) 673-8808 Email: Brenda Marshall Email:

RRCI – Delta Utah - 58 E. Main Suite 2 Delta, UT 84624  Local: (435) 253-2084
Fax: (435) 673-8808

RRCI – Richfield Utah -635 N. Main Suite 2 Richfield, UT 84701 Local: (435) 979-6416
Fax: (435) 673-8808  Rhonda Robinson Email:

People With Disabilities Division

5.0  (1) · State government office

Salt Lake City, UT · In Multi- Agency State Office Building (MASOB)  (801) 538-4200


Utah Parent Center

4.8  (159) · Non-profit organization

Murray, UT · In Commerce Center   (801) 272-1051

Disability Support Center for Families

No reviews · Association or organization

Salt Lake City, UT  (801) 973-0129

Utah - Disability Law Center

3.6  (40) · Non-profit organization

Salt Lake City, UT  (800) 662-9080


Summit Disability Law Group

5.0  (22) · Social security attorney

Salt Lake City, UT · In LEXINGTON QUARE  · (801) 328-5600

Disabled Rights Action Committee

3.7  (3) · Non-profit organization

Salt Lake City, UT · In Salt Lake Community College- Library Square Center

(801) 685-8214


3.9  (7) · Non-profit organization

West Valley City, UT   (801) 323-9900

Disability Support, advocacy, information

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